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Beget ( i 4)
18 June 2017

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Beget (3)
17 June 2017

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Beget (2)
16 June 2017

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Normandia IV
10 June 2017

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Rhapsody In Blue
19 May 2017

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13 May 2017

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11 May 2017

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10 May 2017

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9 May 2017

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3 April 2017

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Hermes (3)
8 March 2017

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Dia Mundial de la Ràdio
13 February 2017

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on Beget ( i 4)
Beautiful altarpiece.

L'Angevine on Beget ( i 4)
bien ce cadrage

Ruthiebear on Beget ( i 4)
I love this dramatic point of view. SUperb image!

Marjolein on Beget ( i 4)
Oh, what wonderful

Martine Libouton on Beget ( i 4)
Une belle prise! j'aime le cadrage !

Wayra on Beget ( i 4)
A very particular perspective gives this pic a so brilliant atmpsphere. Beautiful job. Brava!

Harry on Beget ( i 4)
nice angle on this religious icon

Elaine Hancock on Beget ( i 4)
Outstanding point of view. This is beautifully photographed. I really like the angle. Beautiful art work.

Steve Rice on Beget ( i 4)
A beautiful photo of this magnificent work of such age.

Adela Fonts on Beget (3)
Una postal preciosa! Ben feta aquesta imatge... amb un punt de vista magnífic!

Adela Fonts on Beget ( i 4)
Preciosa imatge amiga! M'encanta el punt de vista. El romànic m'apassiona...! Moltes gràcies ...

tataray on Beget ( i 4)
bel angle. Magnifique ta présentation, très originale...)

Lalena on Beget ( i 4)
Bona composició!

Bill on Beget ( i 4)
Beautiful carving and paintingz

Nicou on Beget ( i 4)
Quel christe et vue quel rendu sur le bois et le brillant et le tableau cette barbe sueprbe amitié

omid on Beget ( i 4)
such beautiful angle, composition, colors & details! Amazing!

VioletSky on Beget ( i 4)
The details re lovely in this shot.

Don on Beget ( i 4)
It is a beautiful work of art. The wood is amazing with a fine finish.

L'Angevine on Beget (3)

Hiro on Beget ( i 4)
Precious cultural properties. Thanks for sharing.

Jypyä Pop on Beget ( i 4)
Great historical art.

Devi on Beget ( i 4)
So unusual !! But I like this...Beautiful details .............

Elaine Hancock on Beget (3)
The church is just beautiful. It is amazing how old it is. I love the architecture and that it is constructed from ...

Harry on Beget (3)
nice lines leading to the central tower

Lalena on Beget (3)
Dona ganes de venir aquí i disfrutar dels seus racons i tranquil·litat! Bon cap de setmana! :)

Steve Rice on Beget (3)
A beautiful church with its impressive age. Thank you for this visit to this visit to such an interesting village.

Nicou on Beget (3)
Superbe église et vue quel rendu sur la pierre et ce mur sueprbe. amitié

Ruthiebear on Beget (3)
I like this view of is charming lace

Martine Libouton on Beget (3)
Un superbe petit village !

Devi on Beget (3)
Beautiful aw! I'd give anything to live here !

L'Angevine on Beget (2)
oh beau village

Jypyä Pop on Beget (3)
It looks like the time had left that place and just gone quietly. It is a great thing that such places exist.

tataray on Beget (3)
Magnifique ce petit village au creux de la montagne. Très agréable, j'aime ces vieilles pierres ...

Hiro on Beget (3)
Beautiful Romanesque !

Hiro on Beget (2)
Nice capture. I like the textures.

Elaine Hancock on Beget (2)
This is just beautiful! I love the stone houses. The pathway looks very steep. I can imagine that the walk down the ...

Nicou on Beget (2)
Suprbemruelle de ce village tout en pierre tout se fond. amitié

Harry on Beget (2)
I could be the middle ages except fot the wire across the frame!

Adela Fonts on Beget (2)
No hi estat mai a Beget però aquestes imatges són llamineres! Moltes gràcies per compartir-les ...

Adela Fonts on Beget (2)
Aquestes imatges fan venir ganes de viatjar fins a Beget! Un lloc encantador! Gràcies per compartir aquestes ...

Steve Rice on Beget (2)
A beautiful street of these stone houses. They seem to be built to last a long time.

Lalena on Beget (2)
Un carreró ple de bellesa i elegància!!! :)

Ruthiebear on Beget (2)
A charming view

Devi on Mosques. Tan petites i tan empipadores !!
aw!! Must be scratching so much!! Cute image !

Devi on Drac (Beget 1)
magnificent capture !!!

Devi on Beget (2)
what a lovely place to live in !

Marjolein on Beget (2)
Really beautiful this old lane

B. Thomas on Beget (2)
Charming place. I would not want to have to puff up and down that hill every day. ;-)

beach on Beget (2)
What an interesting little pathway.

Jypyä Pop on Beget (2)
I agree with you. Great village.

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