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12 August 2017

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In Crescendo
12 July 2017

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Vent del sud. Migjorn
11 July 2017

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10 July 2017

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Taula parada
5 July 2017

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Pont i ombres
26 June 2017

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24 June 2017

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Normandia IV
10 June 2017

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Rhapsody In Blue
19 May 2017

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13 May 2017

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9 May 2017

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Hermes (3)
8 March 2017

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Dia Mundial de la Ràdio
13 February 2017

Recent Comments

Devi on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Hope you are safe... I am sad and angry at this mindless act!!!

Judy aka L@dybug on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Wonderful image, but first, I'm so saddened w/news out of Barcelona today. Thinking of you! ❤

omid on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
:) Amazing!

RBL on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Beautifully displayed; great antique!

Curly on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Yes! Just about the same amount of colour and detail that she had :-)

Hiro on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Really gorgeous one !

Existence Artistique on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
intéressant résultat

Jypyä Pop on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
In addition to being a very complicated technical device, it did not need electricity. It was so much more ...

Harry on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
A place I'd enjoy to take a pint. Nice tip of the hat to Elaine.

Don on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
I like the more inclusive picture of the cash register. Very well done.

Adela Fonts on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Aquesta màquina sembla és una obra d'art! Mereix estar en un museu sense cap mena de dubte... ...

Elaine Hancock on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
It looks almost the same! I bet it was made by the same company. Some of the designs are identical. A fabulous image! ...

Steve Rice on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Oh, that's a great one built to last, too. I love the niche where it's located. Beautiful image.

tataray on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Chez Mme Irma .... Lol... superbe. )

Nicou on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Avec ce miroir en fond quelle vue quelle machine et iamge sueprbe vue. amitié

B. Thomas on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
I love Cody Wyoming. It's a great little town with wonderful world class museums. Nice shot.

Ruthiebear on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Similar to Elaine' s photo the other day! I like the old tie feel of this view. The mirror is superb for a ...

Steven on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
What a grand cash register with ornate detail!! Great framing and capture!

Martine Libouton on Irma's cash register. For Elaine.
Une belle prise

Existence Artistique on Reclam publicitari
belle composition

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Irma cash register. For Elaine.
l'époque ou dans les grands café il y avait la patronne qui encaissait au bout du bar et pas ...

Devi on Irma cash register. For Elaine.
Great shot !! Like the way this has been given a special spot !!!

Elaine Hancock on Reclam publicitari
They will do anything to attract attention! A great black and white image. A nice view of the street.

Harry on Reclam publicitari
a remarkable street scene with so much interest and not a sign of an automobile.

B. Thomas on Reclam publicitari
Nice B&W shot.

Ruthiebear on Reclam publicitari
I like the timeless appeal of the B&W

Adela Fonts on Reclam publicitari
Una bona idea en BN... mágrada el punt de vista i les diagonals que es creuen, la del carrer i la del ...

Steve Rice on Reclam publicitari
A neat shot of this advertising gimmick.

Don on Reclam publicitari
The street elements make a very good "street" picture. I suspose anyone could borrow the any of the devices ...

Devi on Reclam publicitari
That's splendid.. Now people will start looking for the fruit shops here !

Martine Libouton on Reclam publicitari
Une magnifique photo . J'adore 5*

Existence Artistique on Erosió
bien ces cubes

Oiva on Reclam publicitari
The black and white picture is like a reminder of the past when no one believed that even sometimes pictures are taken ...

jpla on Reclam publicitari
Jolie composition JP

Nicou on Reclam publicitari
Ce vieux transporteut avec ces roues les cagette et ces vélo quelle vue. Amitié

Hiro on Reclam publicitari
The old wheelbarrow is eye catching.

tataray on Reclam publicitari
Une belle scène de rue. Magnifique ta composition Graciella. Bon dimanche. )

Jypyä Pop on Reclam publicitari
Peaceful street view.

Harry on Erosió
well worn stone

Elaine Hancock on Erosió
Amazing what the wind and rain can do over time. It creates a wonderful design and textures but is not good for ancient ...

jpla on Erosió
La pierre friable est facilement attaquée par les intempéries JP

Steve Rice on Erosió
Beautiful erosion patterns in this old stone. It looks like a beautiful wall.

Adela Fonts on Erosió
La Natura treballa com les puntaires... no t'ho sembla? M'encanten aquests blocs de pedra. A vegades tinc la ...

Ruthiebear on Erosió
The patterns are so delicate and lovely - like lace.

Don on Erosió
The surfaces in this picture are very impressive. This is a fine capture of their conditon.

Nicou on Erosió
Géniale ces brique tout avec les trous quelle érosion et vue sueprbe iamge. Amitié

Devi on Erosió
Nature does create some art work on these porous stones!!!! Beautiful image !!!

tataray on Erosió
De belles textures et détails attrayants. Magnifique Belle journée Graciella. )

Hiro on Erosió
So artistic erosion !

Existence Artistique on CUCHILLERIA -CERRAJERIA
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

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