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27 April 2017

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Llum i ombra
19 April 2017

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Santa Maria de Seva
16 April 2017

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3 April 2017

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1 April 2017

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Flors al prat
30 March 2017

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Fent el niu
29 March 2017

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Església de Rovaniemi
26 March 2017

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Castle Howard (6)
14 March 2017

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Castle Howard (5)
13 March 2017

Thumbnail image

Castle Howard (1)
9 March 2017

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Hermes (3)
8 March 2017

Thumbnail image

Turistes a ... Pisa
7 March 2017

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Dia Mundial de la Ràdio
13 February 2017

Recent Comments

Don on Tulipes
I like the upward view of these beautiful tulips.

B. Thomas on Tulipes
I like the low POV and the tulips reaching for the sky.

Anita B. on Tulipes
Le point de vue est top ! et j'adore les tulipes

franz on Tulipes
Clever angle to achieve an interesting tulip 'portrait'!

franz on Flors mascles de Noguera
Wonderful! You make these ordinary 'flowers' look truly exotic!

L'Angevine on Tulipes

Marjolein on Tulipes
Beautifully so striking against the blue sky !

Dany Kervran on Tulipes
Les couleurs sont superbes et la contre-plongée une excellente idée !

Nicou on Tulipes
Quel cadrage par dessous met vue quelles tulipes sueprbe vue. amitié

Harry on Tulipes
nice upward viewpoint

Elaine Hancock on Tulipes
Fabulous point of view! I love it! These tulips are gorgeous. I love the colors!

Adela Fonts on Tulipes
Saps? m'agrada molt el punt de vista... fa les tulipes més importants... Precioses de color. Una bona ...

Lalena on Tulipes
Genial punt de vista!!! Preciós contrapicat!!! Plena de llum i color!

tataray on Tulipes
magnifique ton angle de prise ... Belles couleurs J'aime.)

Ruthiebear on Tulipes
I love this point of vie which poses them in front of the lovely blue sky.

Steven on Tulipes
A unique PoV from which to capture these beautiful tulips!!

L'Angevine on Flors mascles de Noguera

Hiro on Tulipes
Excellent point of view !!!

Devi on Tulipes
Wonderful framing here !

Martine Libouton on Tulipes
Un très bel angle de prise de vue! j'aime

Gérard on Tulipes
Original et très bel angle de prise de vue qui symbolise la croissance et le début du printemps

Ronnie 2¢ on Tulipes
Reaching for the sky !

Jypyä Pop on Tulipes
My tulip is now a current flower.

Harry on Flors mascles de Noguera
nice upward angle

Elaine Hancock on Flors mascles de Noguera
This is beautiful! I love how it drapes. It is very elegant. I have never seen a flower like this.

Jypyä Pop on Flors mascles de Noguera
They are very pretty

Steven on Flors mascles de Noguera
An interesting floral blossom that you've captured here!! I'm not sure I've ever seen something so ...

Ruthiebear on Flors mascles de Noguera
They are so elegant the way they hang. I enjoy this viewpoint

Nicou on Flors mascles de Noguera
Quelles fleurs comme elle pendent en tige quel reundu fin sueprbe. amitié

Devi on Flors mascles de Noguera the way they are hanging...superb shot !

B. Thomas on Flors mascles de Noguera
These are lovely the way they hang down and seem to flow.

Adela Fonts on Flors mascles de Noguera
Quina preciositat! Una delicia aquests penjolls naturals. Em recorda els que moltes japoneses es pengen del seu ...

Hiro on Flors mascles de Noguera
nice capture

Oiva on Flors mascles de Noguera
Handsome it is certainly beautiful when the flowers are opened properly:-))))Haleja. Happy day my good friend.

tataray on Flors mascles de Noguera
Contente de te retrouver. . Très agréable composition lumineuse. )

Adela Fonts on Llum i ombra
Una preciosa imatge minimalista... m'encanta! 5*****

L'Angevine on Llum i ombra
une connexion parfaite dans l'esprit de cette recherche...

Ronnie 2¢ on Llum i ombra
A sweet shadow study.

Marjolein on Llum i ombra
Wonderful your dubble lamp

B. Thomas on Llum i ombra
Wonderful image, clean and simple.

Elaine Hancock on Llum i ombra
A fabulous abstract image. Beautiful light and shadow.

Steven on Llum i ombra
Excellent dramatic shadow captured here against the wall!!

Ruthiebear on Llum i ombra
Clever title! I like how the light plays in this view.

MAU on Llum i ombra
Gloriosa imagen en su simpleza. ¡Que buen ojo tienes!

Steve Rice on Llum i ombra
A lovely lamp and its shadow.

Devi on Llum i ombra
Simple, elegant and impressive !!!!

Nicou on Llum i ombra
Elle se projette en grand quelle lampe et vue amitié

Lalena on Llum i ombra
Un bon joc i diàleg entre el llum i la seva ombra! Joganera!! ;)

omid on Llum i ombra
such beautiful composition, lights & textures! Amazing shadows!

beach on Llum i ombra

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