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FINLAND 100 years
6 December 2017

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Quan hi ha boira baixa
29 November 2017

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Happy Thanksgiving Day
23 November 2017

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Molts avions
22 November 2017

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15 November 2017

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Mala idea.
14 November 2017

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Presó Model. Pati. (6/6)
13 November 2017

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26 October 2017

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25 October 2017

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Tríptic de finestres (2)
13 October 2017

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Dia Mundial de la Ràdio
13 February 2017

Recent Comments

Martine Libouton on FINLAND 100 years
Une belle photo pour l'indépendance de la finlande !

Jypyä Pop on FINLAND 100 years
Thanks for the great congratulations. It was great to see how the Finnish Independence Day was taken into account in ...

Devi on FINLAND 100 years
wonderful image.. How magnanimous your heart is :))

Steven on FINLAND 100 years
A great tribute to Finland!!

Steve Rice on FINLAND 100 years
A beautiful tribute.

Ruthiebear on FINLAND 100 years
What a fine tribute to Finland!

Marjolein on FINLAND 100 years
What a young state, just read the history at www Congratulation to the Finns

Existence Artistique on FINLAND 100 years
oh c'est génial

Ronnie 2¢ on FINLAND 100 years
100 years is well worthy of celebration !

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on FINLAND 100 years
Une belle journée de célébration.

tataray on FINLAND 100 years
Magnifique composition. Un bel hommage Graciella. Bonne journée. )

Lalena on Quan hi ha boira baixa
I una artistassa com tu... reultat una meravella de paisatge!

B. Thomas on Quan hi ha boira baixa
I love foggy shot and this is a beautiful scene.

Martine Libouton on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Vraiment superbe !! Bravo à toi !!! 5*

Hiro on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Very beautiful ! Bravo !!

Steve Rice on Quan hi ha boira baixa
A beautiful and delicate layer of fog rolls over the majestic hills. Love it.

Elaine Hancock on Quan hi ha boira baixa
A gorgeous image. I love the color, the fog and the spectacular sky. 5*

tataray on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Beau point de vue . Un ciel grandiose et charmeur . Bonne soirée.)

Steven on Quan hi ha boira baixa
A stunning capture of this dramatic sky!! And I love how the fog is rolling in over the hills.

Jypyä Pop on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Especially beautiful landscape. Almost black and various shades of blue colors create an incredible vision as it o9lisi ...

Captain Guildive Ajoupa on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Ce paysage dégage une agréable et douce ambiance.

Anita on Happy Thanksgiving Day
I skip the turkey and go straight to fruits and vegetables. Great selection in your photo.

Anita on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Lovely blue mountains.

Adela Fonts on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Quin cel tan preciós i tan gelat!!!! M'encanta!!! Una abraçada amiga meva!

Devi on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Lovely.. Have a good time Will miss you :)

Existence Artistique on Quan hi ha boira baixa
bien cette colline et ciel

Ruthiebear on Quan hi ha boira baixa
5 stars from me. This is superb!

Ronnie 2¢ on Quan hi ha boira baixa
What a soothing scene this makes . . lovely presentation.

Marjolein on Quan hi ha boira baixa
What beautiful this blue hour

Annima on Quan hi ha boira baixa
Jolie vue.

Adela Fonts on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Vols dir que els nostros amics americans mengen moltes verdura i fruites? Tots els que he conegut no en menjaven gaires ...

Devi on Happy Thanksgiving Day
What a great display of fruits and vegetables..Yes..Thanks giving for Healthy Food ! Lovely capture !

Nadine on Happy Thanksgiving Day
il y a le choix des couleurs et l'embarras du choix dans les légumes...!!! bel étal

Marjolein on Happy Thanksgiving Day
There is so much to be grateful for, right? Have a nice weekend

Ruthiebear on Happy Thanksgiving Day
SInce I do not eat meat or poultry this is a very appetizing view for me!

Nicou on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Superbe étalage de fruiits et légumes quelle iamge fantastique compo Amitié

B. Thomas on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Thank you! Perfect shot for Thanksgiving Day. Nothing looks better than the fruit and vegetables at that market.

Elaine Hancock on Happy Thanksgiving Day
A lovely scene of all these beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables! I love the colors!

Steve Rice on Happy Thanksgiving Day
A beautiful display of all these fruits and vegetables.

Irene on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Excellent photo. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Lalena on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Estic d'acord amb l'Adela, sempre oportuna! M'agrada aquesta formosa parada plena de fruites i verdures ...

Adela Fonts on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Estils de vida i cultures diferents... això m'agrada! Sempre oportuna i cordial Graciel·la... !

ceteceva on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Il y a beaucoup de choix et de belles couleurs ! Espérons que les clients seront nombreux !

Existence Artistique on Happy Thanksgiving Day

Martine Libouton on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Que de choix !! Une photo très colorée

Don on Happy Thanksgiving Day
This is a fine picture of the market goodies that can round out a Thanksgiving dinner. Happy Thanksgiving.

tataray on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Un très bel étal bien appétissant et coloré.)

Gérard on Happy Thanksgiving Day
C'est en effet l'abondance ici, à remercier pour Thanksgiving

Hiro on Happy Thanksgiving Day
Yeah, fruits and vegetables are very important. Nice capture.

Hiro on Molts avions
Really cool capture !!

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