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21 June 2018

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Granotes Fractals
20 June 2018

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Arlo's big brother
12 June 2018

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Picaport (7)
21 May 2018

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Rellotge de sol (3)
20 May 2018

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14 May 2018

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Rellotge de sol (2)
13 May 2018

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Picaport (6)
7 May 2018

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Fars simpàtics.
24 April 2018

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16 April 2018

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9 April 2018

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Castell del Remei #2
22 March 2018

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Parking ... egghead ...
6 February 2018

Recent Comments

Don on Col·lecció
A fine collection of cards, coasters and bookmarks.

Devi on Col·lecció
a varied wonderful collection displayed here...

Hiro on Col·lecció
Oh, I love Audrey Hepburn !

Ruthiebear on Col·lecció
Creatively arranged, full of interest to view and to collect, I think.

B. Thomas on Col·lecció
Very interesting collections. It's nice to know something about you.

Martine Libouton on Col·lecció
Très belle ta photo avec ta collection ! J'aime

By Marie on Col·lecció
C'est une très bonne idée de photo Graciella et elle est réussie

badtgv on Col·lecció

Michael Skorulski on Col·lecció
An impressive collection. Very interesting image.

tataray on Col·lecció
Un point commun entre nous. Je collectionne aussi les marques page entre autres nombreuses autres choses. .... ...

yoshimiparis on Col·lecció
ohh what a wonderful collection of bookmarks from books This is a very original idea this collection. Bravo

Jypyä Pop on Col·lecció
It might be interesting Hobby

Harry on Granotes Fractals
it has been a while since I have seen a reference to fractals - this is interesting

Irene on Granotes Fractals
Oh, how interesting !

omid on Granotes Fractals
:)) Amazing street art.

Elaine Hancock on Granotes Fractals
This is amazing! I love it! So many frogs when you look closely! A beautiful piece of artwork!

Adela Fonts on Granotes Fractals
Quina imatge més bona! M'encantes aquestes granotes que adornen una façana d'obra vista...!

Steve Rice on Granotes Fractals
An excellent capture of this amazing art. So unusual and delightful.

ceteceva on Granotes Fractals
C'est rigolo cet arbre généalogique de grenouilles ! Un trompe l'oeil superbe !

Nicou on Granotes Fractals
Quelle grenouille sur cette facade et ses bébés quelle forme sueprbe Amitié

Ruthiebear on Granotes Fractals
A delightful image of this wonderful art work

Devi on Granotes Fractals
a wonderful image !! So many forgs here !!!!!

mvdfotokraam on Granotes Fractals
Wonderful is this frog tree

Hiro on Granotes Fractals
very interesting !

badtgv on Granotes Fractals

Gérard on Granotes Fractals
Un arbre très original !

By Marie on Granotes Fractals
C'est très original et très joli aussi. Je préfère de loin ce genre de déco ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Granotes Fractals
Oh, I was slow to see how many !

Michael Skorulski on Granotes Fractals
An excellent mural and very different.

Jypyä Pop on Granotes Fractals
Awesome view, like a giant frog's shadow

yoshimiparis on Granotes Fractals
you had a look for this very original wall drawing

B. Thomas on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Interesting names for this lovely plant.

tataray on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Un magnifique bouquet sauvage. C'est tout simplement beau. Belle journée.

Adela Fonts on Arlo's big brother
Curiosament, ara està de moda utilitzan aquests "Arlos" en la decoració de molts apradors... ...

MEC on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
So beautiful!!

Harry on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
sweet little blooms in varying stages

Steve Rice on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Strange but beautiful blossoms. Thanks for showing us these.

Elaine Hancock on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Such an interesting looking flower! I like the shape! I have never seen these before.

Irene on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Nice image.

Lalena on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Aquestes precioses flors, assecades, poden durar un munt de tems dins el gerro de casa. ( com de la meva fa molts ...

Martine Libouton on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Très belles ces fleurs

Existence Artistique on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)

mvdfotokraam on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Wonderful flowers

Adela Fonts on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
El seu nom llatí no li fa justícia...! precioses floretes...

Nicou on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Superbe finesse et vue quelles clochettes e tiamge Belle soirée

Don on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
I like the name gunpowder weed. A fine picture of it.

Ruthiebear on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Beautiful close up. I am happy to see the shape of these flowers.

Steven on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
Great capture of these eye-catching blossoms!!

Hiro on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)
very nice capture

badtgv on Cascavells (Silene vulgaris)

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